Powerful Advice From A Dying Gen Z’er

He posted his story on a Reddit thread, and ever since, it’s gone viral. We hope you will take some wisdom away from this young man, and realize that we only have a short time on this planet. We may … Continue Reading


Gen Z makes up 26% of the U.S. population and by the year 2020, will represent 40% of consumers. Gen Z receives an average weekly allowance of $16.90, which translates to $44 billion a year. – Mintel 46% of Gen … Continue Reading

Social Media – What’s good?

There are many platforms for Generation Z to socialize on, while they all have their own characteristics, they serve the same basic function. From 40 interviewed, 27 named Snapchat as their favorite, 8 selected Instagram, 4 prefer Twitter, and one … Continue Reading

Does Gen Z Really Know What is Happening Around the Globe?

A LOT has been going on around the world over the past years. The 2016 Presidential Election. The UK’s EU Referendum. Climate change. Not only is it important to solve and decide over these issues, but to keep the younger … Continue Reading

Tourism: How Countries Can Attract Generation Z

The Bahamas. Switzerland. Santorini. Machu Picchu. The Phi Phi Islands. Ibiza. We all have our favorite vacation destinations and getaways. And so does Generation Z. Not only does Gen Z have an influence on tourism today, but they will have … Continue Reading

TV Shows and Movies: Gen Z’s Favorites

Don’t we all have our favorite movie that we could watch countless times again? Don’t we all have our favorite television show or series that we just cannot stop binge watching? That’s the simple life of Generation Z in a … Continue Reading

What’s Trending?

Basically everything in our world follows some sort of trend, good or bad. Trends that have changed over the years are what distinguish Generation Z from its previous generations. Gen Z has many types of trends that heighten and alter … Continue Reading

Technology’s Effect on Communication

Communication. It dominates the way others view you. It determines your relationship with others and the type of friends you have. It is essential to humans because life deprived of communication could result in very minimal success. However, communication and … Continue Reading

The Division Between Generation Z and Books

Reading is a workout for the brain. However, not only does it relieve stress, but reading can help train and educate the brain. Reading expands the brain in many ways such as increasing one’s vocabulary and memory, causing it to … Continue Reading

How Smartphone Apps Reflect the Characteristics of Generation Z

How Smartphone Apps Reflect the Characteristics of Generation Z Nowadays, one can find an app for virtually anything. From top grossing games and social media to health trackers and shopping, the range of options for various types of apps are … Continue Reading