Does Gen Z Really Know What is Happening Around the Globe?

A LOT has been going on around the world over the past years. The 2016 Presidential Election. The UK’s EU Referendum. Climate change. Not only is it important to solve and decide over these issues, but to keep the younger generations educated and knowledgable about what’s going on around them. After all, Generation Z will be the ones that will need to face these problems as adults.

But how educated is Gen Z about world problems? And where do they get their news and information from?

In a recent study, around 78% of Generation Z participants believe that they are aware and knowledgeable of current world problems. In this situation, the Internet and technology should be given kudos. Due to the Internet, World Wide Web, and technology, information has been able to reach more people than ever before – especially Gen Z. Since Gen Z is tech savvy and always on the Internet, they are aware of current events around the globe.

The results of where Gen Z gets their news and information from may be quite astonishing. Nearly 81% of Generation Z participants get their news from CNN, Fox, and other news stations on TV. 73% get their news straight from their parents. This shows the amount of influence parents have on the biased views of their children. But these results aren’t the surprising ones. 76% of Gen Z now look into social media to gain knowledge of what’s going on around the world. That’s right – a platform once used solely for the connectivity with others now used as a tool to educate Generation Z. It may be quite silly to hear at first, but the ingenious and success of this has proven otherwise. Social media has grown rapidly over the years, and what better way to inform the public of world issues than through apps that teens spend a majority of their time on.

The topic of how aware Generation Z is of world problems is no longer a question. Rather, people should look into the best platforms to inform Gen Z – and social media has become the answer.

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