Technology’s Effect on Communication

Communication. It dominates the way others view you. It determines your relationship with others and the type of friends you have. It is essential to humans because life deprived of communication could result in very minimal success. However, communication and interaction has flourished over the centuries, leading to more people connected than ever before. With the arrival of technology, communication has completely revolutionized. A whole new channel of interaction has arrived: the internet. Although the internet, social media, and messaging apps have provided a faster and more efficient way of socializing with others, is it really beneficial? Do the benefits of communicating via internet outweigh the cons?

What are the cons anyway?

According to a recent survey, 58.7% of Generation Z participants prefer to interact with others in person. This clearly shows a trait of Gen Z: they are the most interactive generation yet, no matter the channel of communication. However, when the participants were asked which channel they actually use the most, 78.3% interact with others mostly via internet and technology. Of that 78.3%, 67.4% communicate with others the most with text messaging. These big numbers reveal the cons that technology brings about. Generation Z is becoming increasingly attached to their smartphones and devices to a point where they are secluded from the outside world. Technology may provide more efficient ways of communication, but is has affected Gen Z in a way that limits communication and prevents face-to-face interaction, detaching them from society.

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