The Division Between Generation Z and Books

Reading is a workout for the brain. However, not only does it relieve stress, but reading can help train and educate the brain. Reading expands the brain in many ways such as increasing one’s vocabulary and memory, causing it to think in different ways and patterns, and overall makes a person smarter. Who could possibly turn down this opportunity to increase brain intelligence and function simply by reading books?

Of course. Who else but Generation Z. According to a recent survey, nearly 40% of Generation Z participants said that they hate reading. About 57% of participants only read because of school requirements, while 4% solely read books as a hobby. It is clear that Generation Z is not the biggest fan of reading, but how can this affect their lives? Is Generation Z doomed for not reading a book?

The answer is no. Although 46% of Generation Z participants admit to reading almost never, they do understand the consequences that come with refraining from doing so. Some participants commented that “most people view reading as a burden” and noticed how “teens now often choose to spend their pass time on their phone rather than with a book.” This shows the lazy characteristic of Generation Z and how technology can actually thwart the brain functionality of humans. However, 96% of all participants are aware that our generation is not reading enough and want to increase the amount that they read. By this we see how devoted Generation Z is to solving problems and changing their lives for the better. Generation Z may not be even close to reading sufficient amounts of books nowadays, but that does not mean that they will not strive to change that habit.

Now why don’t you go to your shelf and pick out a book you have never read before. Trust me, it will benefit you more than you think.

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