Tourism: How Countries Can Attract Generation Z

The Bahamas. Switzerland. Santorini. Machu Picchu. The Phi Phi Islands. Ibiza. We all have our favorite vacation destinations and getaways. And so does Generation Z. Not only does Gen Z have an influence on tourism today, but they will have an even greater impact for years to come. However, not every tourist attraction brings vacationists and families to them; Gen Z is very selective on the places they like to go. The global tourism industry is essential in many countries’ economies, for it is a vital way to gain income.

But which locations are the most popular among Generation Z and have become very successful?

According to a recent survey, there are three main factors that Gen Z looks for when finding interest in a destination: adventure, paradise, and beauty. Can’t we all agree that Gen Z is boldest generation yet? Well, it definitely reflects upon their favorite destinations that include adventure and lots of moving around, which are Italy, Spain, Africa, Costa Rica, and even Greece. Besides this desire for adventure, Gen Z could use a little peace and relaxation for a while. The top destinations among Gen Z participants that include paradise, beauty, and bliss are Hawaii, Bora Bora, Mexico, and The Bahamas.

Well, this shows why certain destinations will get a lot or little interest from tourists. If you want to attract Gen Z, you are going to have to touch up with some adventure, beauty, and paradise.

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