TV Shows and Movies: Gen Z’s Favorites

Don’t we all have our favorite movie that we could watch countless times again? Don’t we all have our favorite television show or series that we just cannot stop binge watching? That’s the simple life of Generation Z in a nutshell. Kids, teenagers, and young adults nowadays allot a large portion of their time to watching television shows and movies, usually on Netflix or HBO. They all have their favorite TV show that they are just way too addicted to. With a big market in this industry, there are numerous genres and types of TV shows and movies out there. However, ever wondered which select few are the most popular among Generation Z?

The information pulled from a survey were not such a big surprise over the most popular TV shows and movies. Movies that Gen Z participants favored the most include Finding Dory, 21 Jump Street, High School Musical, and The Hunger Games. Not at all that surprising, eh? Well, the same goes for television shows. The most popular TV show among Gen Z is Breaking Bad, followed by The Walking Dead, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and House of Cards.

These results show a basis on the types of movies and television shows Generation Z watch the most. Finding Dory being the number one movie shows how this generation still enjoys movies from their childhood, revealing a part of Gen Z that will never diminish: their roots. The other few top movies show how Gen Z likes comedy and action type movies. For the TV shows, Breaking Bad took the most number one seat, which demonstrates how Generation Z also likes thriller and crime movies. However, this result proves how Gen Z has the most freedom in relation to previous generations since the younger age group is now allowed watch a television series of such violence and explicitness. The other top ranked movies among Gen Z show that they like TV shows filled with horror, comedy, and drama.
Gen Z’s favorite movies and TV shows reveal a lot more about them than you think. Maybe next time you watch your favorite movie or TV show, you’ll notice how much of that genre reflects upon you.

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